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 A.N.K. Quality Exteriors, Inc., Home Improvements, Madera, CA 

Use us for Quick Results and Peace of Mind. 

Adrian  Gutierrez, C.E.O of the company, has made a corporate decision not to hire salespeople. This practice first of all saves consumer money as there is no sales commission to pay and secondly Adrian meets face to face with every customer. Therefore, no bait and switch tactics.

Our Company offers $500.00 off on all our products as a introductory offer. Furthermore, we also offer various types of financing options and accept all credit cards.

Adrian provides free in-home assessments on all products and will listen to you and custom design your project.

Licenses / Credentials:
General Building Contractor "B" License
Painting and Decorating "C-33" License
Glazing "C-17" License
Metal Products "D-24" License
Siding & Decking "D-41" License

We Specialize In:
  • Window and Door Replacements
  • Window repair
  • Energy Efficient Windows
  • Installation of Vinyl Siding
  • Installation of Exterior Textured Coatings
  • Installation of Roofs
  • Installation of Continuous Rain Gutters
  • Installation of Wall & Attic Insulation




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Phone: (559) 645-1392

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